screenshot of Coin Conquest
screenshot of Coin Conquest's tutorial screen

Tutorial Screen

The game begins with an overlay explaining all of its elements.

screenshot of Coin Conquest's victory screen

Victory Screen

What every player wants to see at the end of their game.

Coin Conquest


Coin Conquest is a digital, casino style game, based on the minigame "Fruit Cahoots" from the Mario Party game series by Nintendo.

I developed it as part of my Game Design studies at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen and I wrote a report about its design, which is available here.


Made in Groningen, 2019 - 2020
Game Engine: GameMaker Studio 2
Target Platform: Windows
Programming Language: GameMaker Language


Vincent's Thoughts

In this project I learned to code in the engine specific "GameMaker Language" and was intrigued by some of the convenient features it offers. I also found that the game, through its visual design, slight animations and sound design is rather effectively addicting despite its minimalist content, especially when tested on tablets.