photo of Kaiserzeit 1926

Kaiserzeit 1926

The game makes use of a game board, cards, dice, tokens and a score sheet.

game board

Game Board

The game is played on a map of central Europe with connected nodes of cities or areas within the reunited empire and neighboring countries.

resources chart

Resources Chart

This sheet is used to note the amount of resources and votes each player controls at any given time during the game.

airship tokens

Airship Tokens

These chits function as indicators of players' positions and scores.

character cards

Character Cards

Different cards provide various starting advantages to different players and provide background information on the game's alternate history scenario.

Kaiserzeit 1926


It is 1926: The Holy Roman Emperor has died. It is therefore time for a new Emperor to be elected. To gain votes in the Imperial Election, the candidates are touring the realm in their impressive, highly decorated airships. You are those candidates. Become the new Emperor!

Kaiserzeit 1926 (K26 for short) is an alternate history board game. Its title is German and translates to "1926: The Era of the Emperor".

Its game rules and cards are written in German language, and I have so far not gotten to translating everything about this game.
Check out the Kaiserzeit 1926 web page for some more English language information, though.
If you speak German and want to read more about the alternate history of the game's setting, you can do so here.


Made in Hamburg, 2019
Materials: Cardboard, Paper & Arcylic (Dice)
3 - 6 Players


Vincent Busch Game Design, Visual Design, Balancing, Research & Testing
Finn Bergmann Historical Research & System Design