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Supermarine Air Support


In Supermarine Air Support you control a flying submarine (thus "super" (lat. "above") - "marine" (derived from lat. "mare" - sea; means "related to the sea")).

The supermarine can move in the air and drop bombs.

An agent tries to escape the level by running through it from left to right in a limited amount of time. It is your mission to get the agent safely through the level.

There are zombies and other dangers on the way, which need to be avoided or eliminated.

Vincent's Thoughts

We had originally intended to implement a more dynamic destruction system, but dropped it because it created performance issues.

A big problem with this game is its poor level design. Almost all our testers noted this, and we could not disagree with them. This flaw is not simply the level designer's fault however, but has some additional background.
Our team originally had five members, but one of them left and quit after not contributing anything to the project for over a month. Because they were our level designer we had to redistribute their tasks and rush them. This made me realize that I'll have to investigate what the situation is if team members are not showing signs of progress in future projects, as to blindly trust them is detrimental to the whole team's efforts.

Amongst other interesting things, such as making my first contacts with Unity's Raycast system for this project, I think it was particularly valuable to have learned the basics of Unity engine coroutines, which in this case I implemented for the level generator, which significantly decreased loading times. Originally the entire level was generated at the start, in the game as above the level generates from left to right at runtime, allowing for the game to have nearly no interruption of play between levels.


Made in Groningen, 2020
Game Engine: Unity
Target Platforms: Web & Windows
Programming Language: C#
Compatibility Note:Best played with a mouse pointer; Unity WebGL is not supported some browsers.


Aruzhan Amantay Programming, Interface Design & Animation
Daan Rekker Music, Sound, Artwork & Animation
Joanna-Ritta Abi Matar Artwork & Level Design
Vincent Busch Programming, Game Design & Management

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