photo of TAIT
TAIT testing session

Testing Session

This photo was taken at a late testing session on the university campus.

TAIT paper prototype cards

Paper Prototype

The first prototype of the game. This version, in contrast to the final one, did not have attack and spy tokens.



This is a fun and innovative casual card game for friends and families.

All players get two cards, and try to rotate their opponents' cards a certain way, to defeat them. Meanwhile, they need to try securing their own cards, keeping their orientation secret. The players try remembering the cards that were shown.
The main mechanics of the game are spying and attacking, used to have a look at, rotate and eventually defeat the opponents' cards.

It was developed in the context of my Game Design studies and I wrote a report about its design, which is available here.


Made in Groningen, 2019
Material: Wood
2 - 6 Players