animated gampeplay of VRgora

Gameplay Animation

The main character walks through the street and stop when they are frightened. The player encourages them to move on by providing helpful messages.

screenshot of VRgora


An eventual full product based on this should provide a believable look. In our demo this is exemplifield in the main character, whose human proportions make them relatable.

overview image of VRgora brand elements

Brand Overview

This chart served as the style guide for the development of our prototype and presentation materials.



VRgora (virtual reality agora) is a VR prototype for a concept of an AR app designed to improve the lives of people with agoraphobia.

The player observes a miniature environment, which a character traverses on their way to their goal. That character, named Sam, is agoraphobic and the player must choose the right messages to motivate him to overcome his fear and proceed walking, balancing between avoidance, engagement and exposure-induced panic.

The game is based on the principle that by coaching another person, one also indirectly coaches themselves, since both parties receive the coach's motivational messaging.


Made in Groningen, 2020 - 2021
Game Engine: Unity
Target Platforms: SteamVR & Windows
Programming Language: C#



Ruben ter Voert Game Design, Script, Voice Acting (speaker), Research & Documentation
Vincent Busch Programming, Game Design, Management & Brand Design
Amanda Wendt 3D Art, Management, Game Design, Brand Design, Script, Research & Documentation
Irene Bilius 3D Art, Animation & Voice Acting (Sam)
Alexandro Caroli Programming, Level Design & Script