screenshot of VRquaponics



The virtual reality aquaponics simulation "VRquaponics" is a concept prototype for a dystopian science-fiction game promoting sustainable, aquaponic farming.

As the player, you find yourself in a spaceship en route to your unnamed destination, locked in a room with a basic aquaponics setup (planting table and fish basin with fish), a large screen displaying data, a window allowing you to look outside, a radio playing music and an ominous machine: a seed dispenser.
Your goal is to reach the destination alive. In order to do so, you must plant seeds from the seed dispenser in the planting table and eat the fruit you have grown. In order to gain nutrients for the plants, you must feed the fish in the fish tank.
There's one catch: You have just enough fish food and seeds in reserve to make it to the destination. Can you reach it?


Made in Groningen, 2020
Game Engine: Unity
Target Platform: SteamVR + Windows
Programming Language: C#
Compatibility Note: The game is made for use with an HTC Vive or Vive Pro virtual reality set using SteamVR technology on Windows. While it is possible to launch the game without a Vive, the VR equipment is required to successfully play the game.


Vincent Busch Programming, Management & Test Organization
Sten-Erik Matt Programming, Video Production & Outreach
Enrico Stroet 3D Art, Management & Test Organization
Arthur Dzhanbaev Sound Effects & Research
Jered Helligar Sound Effects & Research
"Chili" Music