screenshot of Konkwest


The arcade grand strategy game, where you can play a full world domination campaign with your friends in an evening

screenshot of Stellar Transporter

Stellar Transporter

2D space shooter / cargo trading browser game

screenshot of VRgora


Virtual reality prototype for a concept of an AR app designed to improve the lives of people with agoraphobia

photo of TAIT


Fun and innovative casual card game for friends and families

screenshot of VRquaponics


Sci-fi VR simulation prototype promoting sustainable, aquaponic farming

Vincent Busch
Game Designer / Developer

Welcome to my portfolio website! My name is Vincent and I make games. I just finished my study Communication, Multimedia and Game Design at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen in the Netherlands. Now I am working on my upcoming strategy game Konkwest and starting my career in the games industry.

Games and computer technology have been my passion for as long as I can remember. It started when I collected and hand-crafted trading cards in school, and I have therefore styled this website in reference to my fondness of card games. Below you can choose a card to continue on to either an overview of my projects or my resumé page.

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My Projects

I have worked on many games, most digital, some physical, and a number of other creative media projects throughout my life. If you want to find out about my personal favorites amongst them, see an overview of all the projects, or find a game of mine to try you should choose this card.

About Me

I am passionate about Game Development and Design! Choose this card to learn more about me, my background and skills. The page this links to is structured as a resumé preceded by a card with a short description of myself.